Vaginal Veil Collector


Patents pending

Comparison of efectiveness between two methods

Almost twice the ability to detect high-risk oncogenic papillomaviruses (HPV-HR)
by multiplex real-time PCR, using the V-Veil UP2 Vaginal Veil Collector,
compared to the standard swab sampling performed by a gynaecologist or a nurse.

Instructions for use of V-Veil UP2

Follow the instructions below before using this medical device:

  • Wash your hands properly before using this medical device
  • Do not use if you have had sexual activities more recently than 2 days
  • Do not use if you have washed the vaginal cavity more recently than 48 hours
  • If you are pregnant or you have blood in the vaginal cavity use this medical
    device only at the recommendation of your doctor.
drawings instructions veil

No restrictions during these 2 to 30 minutes before removing.

drawings instructions veil

Vaginal Veil Collector

Patent pending


Advantage of flaps collector: our special flaps design
collect and retain more cells from the cervix area.

V-shaped drawing


The graphic below compares the molecular detection of HPV genotypes performed from :


Genital secretions self-collected by women themselves, using the Vaginal Veil Collector V-Veil Up2


Genital secretions collected by a gynaecologist or a nurse, using a flocked swab

This study was performed on 256 adult women by the research team of the Laboratory of Virology of the Hospital Georges Pompidou in France. The veil detects 12 times more oncogenic HPV-HR than the use of a standard swab performed by a gynaecologist. (Details on study)

Our Products

V-Veil UP2

14 mm Veil

Adapted for Ø 15 mm storage container


Box of 1 unit


Box of 250 units


V-Veil UP2

28 mm Veil

Adapted for Ø 30 mm storage container


Box of 1 unit


Box of 200 units

HPV Veil Box 200
200 veils 28

Advantages for a private laboratory/clinic in choosing

Comparison between 2 HPV TEST methods:

Flocked Swab

Veil UP2

Human resources estimates

  • Administrative procedures and sending of the samples

10 to 15

  • Preparation and disinfection of the gynecological examination table

3 to 15

  • A doctor to perform the test plus discussion

8 to 12

  • A doctor to sign the prescription file

1 to 2

  • Table cleaning and disinfection

3 to 5

Other costs to consider

Sterile disposable vaginal retractor
2 pairs of gloves for installation and after cleaning
1 pair of gloves for the examination
1 full set of disposable clothes for the doctor
1 Swab or brush
1 HPV UP2 Veil
The sterile transport tube
  • The cancerous genome can be detected up to twice more with Veil UP2 as compared to the classical method.
  • The use of Veil UP2 decreases the total cost by 35 – 50%.
  • Veil UP2 does not require the presence of a doctor to perform the HPV test.
  • With Veil UP2 the number of hpv tests to be done each day can increase.
  • The patient appreciates a sampling method that respects her privacy.
  • The laboratory or clinic has a real focus of scientific quality communication.
  • Save more lives by using Veil UP2.